Event Info for Teams                     


If you need help with registrations or creating a play.fiba3x3.com profile then please contact David Huxford at Basketball New Zealand – david@nz.basketball   


All players MUST have a confirmed play.fiba3x3 profile to play in the 3x3 Quest Tour.  Creating a profile is easy and takes only a minute.  However, it is vitally important that after creating your profile, you need to reply to the confirmation email which will be sent to your chosen email address. There are three ways that you can register on play.fiba3x3.com:

  1. As a player you may receive an invitation email from your team captain (if they already have a profile and are registering your team online).  Just click the invitation and you will be taken through the sign-up process after which your new profile is automatically attached to the team you were invited to.  Don't forget to reply to the confirmation email sent to you by play.fiba3x3 so that your profile is confirmed.
  2. Directly via play.fiba3x3.com
  3. Directly or via the mobile app.

If you already have a play.fiba3x3.com profile (formerly known as 3x3Planet) it may possibly not be a confirmed account.   It is important that you confirm your email in order to receive the FIBA ranking points that you earn at events.


There are grades for men and women in the following age groups:

  • Open (minimum age of 16 as of 10 March 2019)
  • U19  (18 or younger as of 10 March 2019)
  • U17 (16 or younger as of 10 March 2019)
  • U15 (14 or younger as of 10 March 2019)

The eligibility date is determined by the Tour schedule and has been used to accommodate players that will play more than one event during the 2019 Tour.

9.15am Cutoff for pre-registered teams to check in and on-the-day registrations
10.00am  Tipoff
12.30-1.15pm Lunch and skill-based competitions
1.15- 3pm (approx) Continuation of pool play and finals.

NB:  In some instances the Open Men's grade may be delayed for a 12.15pm check-in and 1pm tipoff, depending on total event team numbers.  This is because of court availability.  All Open Men's teams will be advised well in advance if this happens.


Molten is our ball sponsor and we will use their 3x3 'Libertria" ball for all categories except Open men's, who will use the Wilson 3x3 ball.  Both balls are size 6, weight 7, which is the FIBA official ball size for all FIBA 3x3 events. 


Team uniforms are encouraged but not compulsory. If you don't have a uniform then please try to coordinate the same coloured playing top. This helps our referees immensely.

Bad Weather

In the case of bad weather please check the Basketball New Zealand Facebook page for an update.  Most events have a wet-weather indoor alternative option, which we will let people know about on Facebook.  However, some venues have a rain-day option (in all of these cases it is the following day).  Again, please check the Basketball New Zealand Facebook page for updates.


The competition will either be:

  • Round robin, or
  • Pool play

Tour Rules
We use official FIBA 3x3 rules for this event. 
Click for the Table version of the FIBA 3x3 Rules.

Rules specific to the Open Men’s Grade

    The Open Men's grade at each event (excluding Auckland Quest Final) will double as a World Tour Qualifier event, with the winner of the Open Men's grade being eligible to play in the World Tour Qualifier Final (WTQ) in Auckland on 9 March 2019.  A maximum of 10 teams will qualify for the WTQ Final. A team can only qualify once to the WTQ Final, however they may continue playing in other 3x3 Quest Tour events.  If they win this other event then the second placed team will qualify to the WTQ Final as well. Teams will be notified of their qualification eligibility by 25 February 2019 and must advise Basketball New Zealand of their participation in the WTQ Final by 1 March 2019.  Teams competing in the 3X3 Quest event on 2 March 2019 in Auckland North will be advised of their eligibility status immediately following their event.

    Qualified teams can make a maximum of two (2) changes to their team roster for the WTQ Final.  The winning team can then make a maximum of two (2) further changes to the team that will travel to the World Tour (as per FIBA 3x3 rules).

    The winning team of the WTQ Final, being held in Auckland on 9 March 2019, will receive an all-expenses paid trip to a World Tour Masters event in Asia.  This trip is funded by Basketball New Zealand and will be ex-New Zealand only.  

    To be eligible to enter and participate in the World Tour Qualifier a player must;

    a) be a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or hold a work visa, working holiday visa or student visa, except that a player whose nationality is not New Zealand (a foreign player), may participate in the WTQ event provided that the player has been resident in New Zealand 90 days before commencement of the WTQ Final.

    b) be living in New Zealand, except that where a player is a New Zealand citizen and is otherwise eligible in all respects has recently returned from overseas, in which case they can play.  


    David Huxford, 3X3 and National Events Manager, Basketball NZ – david@nz.basketball