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UpdateS TO THE 2018 Secondary Schools SEASON

 Basketball New Zealand, in conjunction with our member Associations host the following New Zealand Secondary Schools Sport Council sanctioned tournaments:

As you will all be aware basketball has the privilege of being the fastest growing major sport at secondary school level. Participation levels as measured by the NZSSSC annual census shows a 27% increase over the past five years. This is fantastic and is in large part the result of all the hard work done at the community level and in schools by passionate supporters of the sport.

However it does bring a few growing pains with entries into regional and national tournaments beginning to exceed the spaces available. We are attempting to cater for the massive increase in demand by adding new tournaments and securing venues that can cater for large numbers. Regrettably there will always be a physical limit on the number of entries that can be managed. To help clarify and ensure that everyone understands the processes we have provided detailed information on the tournament structure and processes below. We have also advised of a small change to the allocations for Nationals (girls only).

Allocations For Nationals Changed – AA girls only

After reviewing recent history, the allocation of spots from the ‘AA’ Zone 1 girls for the National Championships will change with immediate effect from 2018. This change is due to Zone 1 Schools (Northland down to Counties Manukau) not filling all 7 spots available to them over the last 2 years. The spot taken from Zone 1 has been reallocated to Zone 2. Another review will take place at the end of the 2019 season. Outlined below are the updated 2018 AA Girls allocated spots:

Zone 1: 6
Zone 2: 6
Zone 3: 6
Zone 4: 6

Following the growth in team registrations over the past two years, BBNZ has identified maximum numbers for teams entering the following competitions:

 - AA Premierships (4 days)
 The maximum number of teams that can enter ALL AA tournaments (qualifiers for Nationals) per gender are: 24 teams​

 - Cup Non-Qualifiers (3/4 days)
The Maximum number of teams that can enter ALL Cup tournaments per gender are:
3 days - 16 teams
4 days - 20 teams

 - A Premierships (3/4 days)
The Maximum number of teams that can enter ALL A tournaments (qualifiers for Nationals) per gender are:
3 days - 16 teams
4 days - 20 teams

Junior Premierships (4 days)
The Maximum number of teams that can enter ALL Junior tournaments per grade and gender are: 16 teams

The maximum numbers outlined above are based on the following factors; the number of courts secured, venue open and closing times, dates available and a draw structure that will suit these factors. A waiting list for each competition will be used to gather registrations after the cut-off date or once the team entries have reached the maximum. Where the number of entries received exceeds the maximum number of teams allowed for any tournament, BBNZ reserves the right to determine which teams will be permitted to participate in the tournament. In deciding on which teams will be accepted into any tournament (where entries exceed the maximum number allowed) 

BBNZ may take into account any of the following criteria;
 - Entries received and payments made by the advertised due dates
 - Prior history of the school in both participation and performance at the particular tournament
 - Relative performance of schools in regional competitions in the same year as the particular tournament
 - The total number of teams entered into the particular tournament by one school (if there is more than one school team entered into a competition, the lower graded teams may be moved to a different grade within that particular tournament if space is available)
 - Teams that are excluded through the above process will, where possible and numbers permit, be offered an opportunity to participate in an alternative tournament.

For BBNZ purposes, a schools roll will be set as the March 1st MoE Schools Roll Return of the competition year. We understand that numbers constantly change throughout the year therefore using this date ensures that School understand the competition with which they are able to compete and BBNZ/NZSSSC can advise accordingly.

As MoE do not release confirmed March 1st rolls until June, BBNZ may require a signed letter from the School Principal advising the schools roll number as submitted in the March 1st MoE return to certify inclusion into a tournament.

Where there is a discrepancy between the signed letter and the MoE published document in June, BBNZ will consult with NZSSSC to determine an outcome.

Extra 'Schick Cups' added to the calendar
Two new tournaments have been added to the Secondary Schools calendar; the Schick Central and Southern Cup Tournaments. The central and southern cups are two new NON-QUALIFYING tournaments. 
These additional tournaments are for those schools that would like a tournament experience, with no intention of attending the National Championships however may have aspirations to attend the qualifying tournament in later years. 

We have seen evidence from the Northern Cup created in 2016; in the first year, the event hosted 10 boys and four girls teams. In 2017, the attendance jumped to 19 boys and five girls teams. These tournaments will be open and are not restricted to the area in which the school is situated and the size of the roll, for example, a Auckland team with a roll over 600 can attend the Southern Cup and play a Dunedin team with a roll under 300. We also hope that these tournaments will help cater for growth and provide schools another level of competition that may suit their teams.

Junior Premierships Update
For all junior tournaments, we are offering a Premiership-grade for the top teams, and an A-grade for the next tier of talent. This is a way to cater for growth and give schools an option to compete in an event that suits their playing ability and play in a more enjoyable environment.

Junior Z1 and Z2: Due to the number of teams entering the Junior Zone 1 and 2 Premiership Tournament, our hosts and their venues can no longer cater to these numbers and growth. This tournament has been separated back to individual tournaments and will take effect in 2018. Junior Zone 1 teams (Northland to Auckland) must enter the Zone 1 tournament to be held in Harbour and Zone 2 teams (Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Taupo) must enter the Zone 2 tournament to be held in Tauranga.

Premiership Referee Update
As you will be aware, in early 2014 after consultation with schools, the decision was made that a student referee would be required as a non-negotiable condition of entry to our National qualifying tournaments. This referee is to be a student from the school entering. To coincide and assist with this initiative we launched our Kiwi Hoops and Community Referee Courses, and trained a number of Referee Trainers around the country to deliver these. To date many regions have made very positive efforts to develop referees for these tournaments. However there still appears to be a few schools who are not prepared for this requirement. It is important that you are proactive with this and approach your local basketball association for assistance.

To find the contact details for your local association click the link HERE Addressing this requirement at the time of registration will not work – please act now. 

Any courses being held by Associations that has been advised to us will be included in our Events Calendar. Click the below link for the calendar, 

The new requirement has already produced positive results with 50% of referees at Nationals now being secondary school students. These referees are selected on merit so the signs are positive for young referees wanting to be involved in basketball at an elite level. 

To officiate at a tournament is an achievement that should be celebrated. As with players these referees are also representing your school. We are in the process of looking into the possibility of NCEA/Unit Standard Resources. We hope that if we can negotiate a package that is economically viable for students, we will be providing these resources from 2018. 

Should you require any further assistance with referee development, please contact Melony at the below address. Melony Wealleans, BBNZ Referee Development Manager.

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