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2018 WBC Tiers (as at 3 Nov 17).pdf
Applications for the 2018 WBC Tiers are now closed.


2018 WBC Important Dates Checklist (as at 14 Apr 18).doc
2018 WBC Entry Fees Quote (as at Feb 18).pdf
2018 WBC Team Contact Details Form (as at 8 Jan 18).doc
2018 WBC Team Roster Form (as at 8 Jan 18).doc
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Rules, Regulations & Operations Manual

2018 WBC Rules and Regulations (as at 5 Mar 18).pdf
FIBA Official Basketball Rules & Regulations
BBNZ Code of Conduct and 
2018 WBC Operations Manual (as at 13 May 18).pdf

Clearances, Foreign Player Licence Forms & Procedures

BBNZ Player Clearance Procedure (as at 24 Jan 18).pdf
FIBA Self Declaration Form (as at 24 Jan 18).doc

BBNZ Foreign Player Licence Procedure (as at 24 Jan 18).pdf
Foreign Player Licence Regulation and Form (as at 24 Jan 18).doc

Hosting Documents

2018 WBC Game Day Details Form (as at 8 Feb 18).doc
2018 WBC Post Game Checklist Form (as at 8 Jan 18).doc
2018 WBC Game Report Form (as at 8 Jan 18).doc
2018 WBC Tournament Hosting Report Form (as at 8 Jan 18).doc

Doping Control Station Requirements 2016.pdf

Health & Safety 

BBNZ Event Health and Safety Plan Template (as at 13 Jun 17).doc
BBNZ Injury Report Form.pdf
BBNZ Blood Kit Process.pdf


BBNZ Scorebench Guide (as at 2018).pdf
BBNZ 4 Quarter Score Sheet.pdf
BBNZ Scoresheet Summary.pdf


FIBA Statisticians Manual 2016 (468KB pdf)
FIBA Livestats Version 7 is the chosen stats programme that will be used.  To download the latest version and technical support click here.


BBNZ is obliged to assist in providing anti-doping education to our members including athletes, athlete support personnel and medical professionals.  Education is held annually and is compulsory.  Athletes must complete the scheduled education before they become eligible to take the court.  The responsibility to complete the education lies with the athlete and the Team is to remind your athletes and keep record of who has completed their education.


WBC Education will be delivered via two methods:

1.  Anti-Doping Seminars - will be held at the first tournament.  These seminars are compulsory and all must attend unless agreed with BBNZ to complete E-Learning prior to the Tournament.  Athletes that attend a seminar are not required to complete e‑learning education.

2.  Anti-Doping E-Learning - must be completed by all athletes who did not attended the anti-doping seminar held at the first tournament:
* Athletes who have never attended a seminar and will complete the anti-doping e-learning for the first time must complete Level.
*Athletes who have attended a seminar in the past or completed the anti-doping e-learning Level 1 previously, must complete Level

The web link to access Level 1 or 2 is https://e-learning.dfsnz.org.nz/login/index.php .


Drug Free Sport NZ (DFSNZ) has a range of resources to help better understand clean sport and the anti‑doping rules.  To view click here.

2018 WADA Prohibited List

The 2018 Prohibited List is now in force.  Points to note:

* there are very few changes likely to impact on athletes' use of common medicines
the associated summary of modifications document is the easiest way to check for changes

Medication, Supplements and Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

Athletes are advised to check any medication and supplements before consuming.  Medications and supplements may contain substances which are on the prohibited list and are therefore prohibited in sport.  Athletes should:

* advise medical professionals that they could be drug tested
* insist that medical professionals check whether the prescribed medicine is permitted in sport
* check medications themselves to see whether they are permitted in sport
* understand and follow the TUE process if they need to take a medication that contains a prohibited substance

Athletes can check the status of medications in the following ways:

* visit DFSNZ medications link click here
* text the name of the medication or active ingredient to 4365
* phone 0800 DRUGFREE (378 437)


Athletes who compete in the Australian Basketball League (NZ based  teams only), the National Basketball League (NBL) and Women's Basketball Championship (WBC) and are taking medication that contains a prohibited substance or method, you must have a TUE in place one (1) week prior to the event start date and it should remain in place for the duration of the event (while you are still taking the medication).  TO find the steps that need to be followed if an athlete needs a TUE click here.

Drug Testing

DFSNZ may conduct confidential anti-doping testing; this means that they may turn up to a game and/or team training unannounced.  Teams must ensure that their playing and training venue is equipped with a doping control station.

To contact DFSNZ click here.