U15 National Championships Day 1

U15 National Championships Day 1

Day 1 of the U15 National Championships start today at the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie, Wellington.  Get down to watch some exciting basketball or keep an eye on the draws and results here or on the draw below.  

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2016 U15 National Championships Day 1

Wednesday, 20th July
ASB Sports Stadium, Kilbirnie, Wellington

Kapiti 41 v 119 Palmerston North (Boys Pool C)
North Otago 34 v 97 Harbour A (Boys Pool B)
Taranaki 45 v 104 Waitakere West Prems (Boys Pool A)
Harbour B 77 v 82 Otago (Boys Pool D
Gisborne 35 v 48 Rotorua (Girls Pool D)


Porirua 40 v 71 Harbour A (Girls Pool B)
Otago 40 v 42 Palmerston North (Girls Pool A)
Hutt Valley 47 v 73 Canterbury Country (Girls Pool B)
Harbour B 57 v 84 Waikato (Girls Pool A)
Hibiscus Coast 55 v 86 Waitakere West (Girls Pool C)
Hawkes Bay 42 v 89 Canterbury (Girls Pool C)

Tasman 97 v 69 Waitakere West A (Boys Pool A)
Tauranga City 59 v 103 Canterbury A (Boys Pool B)
Waikato B 55 v 98 Waikato A (Boys Pool C)
Wellington 105 v 44 Gisborne (Boys Pool D)
Southland 38 v 91 Taranaki (Girls Pool D)

Auckland Counties 64 v 31 Harbour B (Boys Pool D)
Canterbury B 100 v 42 Kapiti (Boys Pool C)
Rotorua 69 v 42 Wellington (Girls Pool D)
Hawkes Bay 92 v 66 Taranaki (Boys Pool A)
Hutt Valley 71 v 41 North Otago (Boys Pool B)

Harbour A 94 v 39 Hutt Valley (Girls Pool B)
Waitakere West 72 v 48 Hawkes Bay (Girls Pool C)
Central Country 65 v 67 Porirua (Girls Pool B)
Waikato 84 v 59 Otago (Girls Pool A)
Tasman 47 v 43 Harbour B (Girls Pool A)
Auckland Counties 61 v 81 Hibiscus Coast (Girls Pool C)


Harbour A 104 v 55 Tauranga City (Boys Pool B)
Palmerston North 133 v 47 Waikato B (Boys Pool C)
Taranaki 70 v 47 Gisborne (Girls Pool D)
Waitakere West Prems 100 v 78 Tasman (Boys Pool A)
Otago 75 v 72 Wellington (Boys Pool D)

Wellington 57 v 48 Southland (Girls Pool D)
Waitakere West A 79 v 113 Hawkes Bay (Boys Pool A)
Gisborne 35 v 95 Auckland Counties (Boys Pool D)
Waikato A 81 v 58 Canterbury B (Boys Pool C)
Canterbury A 72 v 52 Hutt Valley (Boys Pool B)


Palmerston North 80 v 33 Tasman (Girls Pool A)
Canterbury Country 72 v 40 Central Country(Girls Pool B)
Canterbury 91 v 26 Auckland Counties (Girls Pool C)