U15 National Championships Final Team Placings and Awards

U15 National Championships Final Team Placings and Awards
After 4 days, 40 teams and 140 games the U15 National Champs where over just like that.  Harbour A girls got their redemption on Waikato from 2015 and Wellington boys showed that home court advataged matters with their title coming over a Harbour A boys side that will have to settle for runner up for a second year in a row.  Below is a wrap up of the final team placings and awards held after the final game...

Girls Final Team Placing
1. Harbour A
2. Waikato
3. Taranaki
4. Canterbury
5. Waitakere West
6. Rotorua
7. Palmerston North
8. Canterbury Country
9. Otago
10. Porirua
11. Hibiscus Coast
12. Gisborne
13. Central Country
14. Wellington
15. Tasman
16. Hawkes Bay
17. Hutt Valley 
18. Harbour B
19. Southland
20. Auckland Counties

Girls Tournament Teams
Quaye Walker-Eketone (Waikato)
Jazzmyne Kailahi-Fulu (Harbour A)
Dominique Stephens (Waikato)
Caitlin O’Connell (Taranaki)
Emilia Shearer (Harbour A)
Sila Morris (Canterbury)
Yzabelle Tevao (Waitakere West)
Ashlee Strawbridge (Canterbury Country)
Ashleigh Kells (Palmerston North)
Jessica Moors (Harbour A)

Girls Most Valuable Player
Jazzmyne Kailahi-Fulu (Harbour A)

Girls Final Officials
James McDuff & Caiden Gordon

Boys Final Team Placing
1. Wellington
2. Harbour A
3. Palmerston North
4. Waikato A
5. Canterbury A
6. Otago
7. Waitakere West Prems
8. Hawkes Bay
9. Auckland Counties
10. Hutt Valley
11. Tasman
12. Canterbury B
13. Harbour B
14. Tauranga City
15. Waikato B
16. Waitakere West A
17. Taranaki
18. North Otago
19. Gisborne
20. Kapiti

Boys Tournament Team
Emmerson Kavakura (Wellington)
Harrison Payne (Waitakere West Prems)
Okirano Tilaia (Canterbury A)
Kopere Tanoa (Palmerston North)
Dominic Chen (Harbour A)
Ezra Vaigafa (Wellington)
Logan Gibb (Harbour A)
Caleb Manaakitanga Smiler (Waikato A)
Cian Emery (Harbour A)
Mac Stodart (Otago)

Boys Most Valuable Player
Ezra Vaigafa (Wellington)

Boys Final Officials
Nikki Livingstone & Shelton Harris