WBC and Sal’s NBL Referee Panels for 2019

WBC and Sal’s NBL Referee Panels for 2019


The Sal's NBL Panel welcomes three new referees to the Development Panel next year. Callum Welch, Hamish Dale and Brad Clive have been selected as a result of their performance at National Championships.

The two referees from last year's Development Panel, Sherhon Martin and Duran Whiu, now move in to the main panel after the retirement of Yalla Edwards and Gavin Zimmerman. Gavin joined panel in  1997. Gavin refereed 290 games. Yalla commenced in 2002 and retired from her career after 200 games.

Sal's NBL Panel

Matt Bathurst 
Sean Cronin 
Marty Davison 
Ryan Jones 
Dallas Pickering 
Melony Wealleans 
Hayden Pipe 
Sam Pan 
Tayla Ammunson 
Rhys Hamilton 
Sherhon Martin 
Duran Whiu  

Sal's NBL Development Panel

Callum Welch 
Hamish Dale 
Brad Clive 

WBC Panel

Brad Clive 
Callum Welch 
Connagh McKinstry 
Corey Hogg 
Duran Whiu 
Hamish Dale 
Harry Apes 
Helaman Begman 
Mariah McCarthy-Wilson 
Michael Graham 
Reagan Ashley 
Sasha Nicholson 
Seddon Smith 
Shelton Harris 
Sherhon Martin 
Tamatea Bennett 
Toni-Lee Smith-Hunwick