WBC Finals Tournament Day 3

WBC Finals Tournament Day 3

Cowles Stadium, Pages Road, Aranui, Christchurch

Saturday, July 7


Auckland Lady Rangers 3rd Plate Section 61 (S.Theyers 18, D.Finnigan 13)
Rotorua Lady Vols 4th Plate Section 69 (M.Flavell 32, H.Kingi 13)
(9th & 10th Playoff), Livestats, LivestreamBox Score

Te Tai Tokerau Phoenix 5th Plate Section 29
Canterbury Wildcats B 72
(11th Playoff)


Siteweld Otago Goldrush Loser Plate SF 84 (N.Ruske & Z.Richards 14, A.Ruske & D.Frost 12)
Tauranga City Coaster 2nd Plate Section 77 (M.Daysh 27, C.Rogers 16, C.Wilson 14)
(7th & 8th Playoff), Livestats, LivestreamBox Score


Capital Swish Loser SF1 81 (J.Beckley 26, Sariah Penese 15, G.Simi Vaofusi 10)
Waikato Country Cannons Loser SF2 77 (V.Asaua-Wilkenson 26, D.Fermanis 17, B.Jones 11)
(3rd & 4th Playoff), Livestats, LivestreamBox Score


Waikato Wizards Winner Plate SF 59 (K.Smiler 22, A.Hirawani 20)
Harbour Breeze 1st Plate Section 61 (G.Fotu 15, K.Diakhaby 10)
(Plate Final - 5th & 6th Playoff), Livestats, LivestreamBox Score


Alloyfold Canterbury Wildcats Winner SF1 57
Taranaki Thunder Winner SF2 43
(WBC Grand Final), Livestats, LivestreamBox Score

5:30pm (approx.)

On court awards presentations held shortly after the grand final

Final Team Placing

1st Gold Champion Alloyfold Canterbury Wildcats
2nd Silver Taranaki Thunder
3rd Bronze Capital Swish
4th Waikato Country Cannons
5th Plate Champion Harbour Breeze
6th Waikato Wizards
7th Siteweld Otago Goldrush
8th Tauranga City Coasters
9th Rotorua Lady Vold
10th Auckland Lady Rangers
11th Te Tai Tokerau Phoenix

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