National Selection Criteria and Process

Selection Criteria
  • Must be able to represent New Zealand (click here for Player Eligibility rules)
  • Desire to become a Tall Black/Tall Fern
  • Outstanding potential to compete successfully at national and international level
  • Athletic and basketball ability
  • Players will be evaluated on; overall conditioning, speed, quickness and agility in addition to the following basketball specific skills: footwork, ball handling, dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, screening, defending the ball, defending away from the ball, and game knowledge and intellect.
  • Potential to be socially compatible and display a sense of “team ethic” within a group
  • Demonstrated attitude to be dedicated to the programme
  • Be highly receptive to coaching
  • Demonstrated a desire, to succeed, not only in basketball, but in education, vocationally and personal life
  • Outstanding desire and commitment to working hard at improving mental, physical and basketball skills

Identification Process
National Squads will be selected based on the following:
  • Evaluation of the athlete’s performance at:
  • Secondary school/association level
  • Regional qualifying tournaments
  • National Championships
  • National Talent Programme - Talent Identification Camps
  • Association Depth Chart athlete nominations to BBNZ
  • Consultation with representative and various coaching contacts around the country/world; liaising with association and regional/state coaches

Players who if able, opt to not play for their association or zone at BBNZ Nationals, will not be considered for National Selection. Players who cannot play due to a legitimate reason e.g. team not participating, injury, based overseas, or exception extenuating circumstances can be invited into a programme if they demonstrate their ability to fulfil the player selection criteria but would be expected to participate in the National Talent Programme Camps and/or National Selection Camps.

Selection Notification and Process
  1. A longlist of potential athletes will be considered for the National Talent Programme; based on athlete depth chart nominations from Associations and scouting done by BBNZ talent identifiers.
  2. BBNZ will then select and invite a number of athletes (approx. 40 - 60 per age group/per gender) to participate across the three regionally based National Talent Programme Camps (North, Central, South).
  3. At the conclusion of these regional camps, athletes will be categorised into three levels: Association level; NZ Development level; National Team Potential, from which the NZ Development Tour and National Teams trialists will be selected.
  4. National selection camps will be held, at a time that fits with the relevant pinnacle events being targeted, as a trial for the New Zealand U16, U17 and U19 squads. Note: This may occur prior to the NZ Development Tour in which case prospective athletes will be advised early. However in some cases this camp will be after the NZ Development Tour.
  5. Upon selection of development and national squads, player lists will be placed on the BBNZ website and circulated to all associations.
  6. Demonstrated attitude to be dedicated to the programme
  7. Selected athletes will need to register their details with BBNZ and commit to the programme detailed below.
  8. The programme will be outlined in greater detail to all athletes, providing in advance notice of the requirements and costs involved (approx. $3000 – this includes the cost of participation in an overseas event).

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

For the most up to date Nomination Criteria, for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games please visit the NZ Olympic Committee's website. Please note that this has been approved by the Basketball New Zealand Board and the NZOC.