3X3.EXE Premier – Round 8 Recap

The South Island Men’s Conference played their final round to determine would be travelling to Japan for the 3×3.EXE Premier Playoffs 2022.

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South Island Men’s Conference – Round 8

It was straight forward for UC Maroon.EXE. They had to play to progress through to Japan, but the big fight was going to come from Rams.EXE and Gators.EXE who were both competing for the second spot to go overseas. Rams sat on 560 points on the ladder in 2nd place, while Gators sat on 500, meaning that a 6th place finish for Rams and a first place finish for Gators would spell a massive upset.

Pool A began with Rams and Crossover.EXE. Crossover did everything in their power to ensure a tight finish, but Rams were too powerful, winning 21-12. UC Gold.EXE and Crossover took to the second match of Pool A and UC Gold slipped past, leaving Crossover with a bottom of the table placing and allowing UC Gold and Rams to progress through to the Round 8 playoffs. Rams made easy work out of UC Gold, winning 21-6 to go through as top seed for Pool A.

Pool B only saw one match, as Wharenui.EXE forfeited their games. Gators.Exe beat UC Maroon.EXE 21-16. Both teams progressed through to the playoffs.

Rams and UC Maroon played first, with UC Maroon, last week’s champions falling short 21-13, and failing to progress to the Grand Final for only the second time this season. UC Gold fell heavily to Gators 22-7 to make it a Rams/Gators Grand Final. Rams made it look easy, taking the game our 21-14 and earning the 2nd place spot on the competition ladder. Rams and UC Maroon will head to Japan to compete against other 3×3.EXE Premier Conference winners from Japan, Thailand and Chinese Taipei 3×3.EXE Premier Playoffs on the 18-19th September.

  • Round 8 Winners – Rams.EXE (beat Gators.EXE 22-19 in finals)
  • Southern Men’s MVP, Round 8 – Phoenix Sorensen
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