Marjean & Denis Jones | 2018

The Jones’ unrelenting passion for New Zealand teams and players goes beyond that of an average supporter.

In the early 2000’s they owned Burger King in New Zealand and stepped in to become the first ever official sponsor of the Tall Blacks. During that period the Tall Blacks achieved their best ever finish at a 2002 FIBA World Cup, finishing fourth at this prestigious event.

Marjean and Denis’ irrepressible enthusiasm and support over an extended period of time exemplifies a love for the sport that does not waiver.

Denis and Marjean also have a strong connection with the Breakers. Burger King was an early sponsor of the franchise back in 2003 when Denis was involved with the company. He would later go on to join the Breakers Board and is one of the few life members of the club. To this day they attend the games and are still avid supporters of the franchise.