Considerations if operating tournaments under the mass gathering restriction of 100

If you are considering running a basketball event under the restriction of a 100-person gathering limit, you will need to consider a number of things. For example:

  • If running a boys and girls tournament, personnel cannot mix with each tournament. For example, the tournaments must have separate floor controllers, referees, volunteers, TC’s etc
  • Hosts could have boys playing at 9am and girls playing at 10:45am however between transitions of each subgroup, the tournament host would need to evaluate the building and clean before the next subgroup enters the building. It would be easier to have the boys and girls event at separate venues, which would also ease pressure on personnel running the event.
  • Apply physical social distancing, enter through one door and exit out another.
  • Space courts. For example, you could have two games played in three court venue with games on court one and three, using court two as a physical distance measure.
  • Trace attendance using the entrance and exit doors. Ensure contact tracing QR codes are in place.
  • Action hygiene protocols in conjunction with venue. Ensure there are adequate sanitizing stations.
  • Recommend that the event is held without spectators to keep numbers down.
  • Must have a health and safety plan including COVID-19 protocols.
  • Keep in mind who needs to be there and let people know ahead of time, so you don’t go over the limit. For example, a tournament may require the following number of people:
      • 6 x teams (10 players + 2 management) = 72
      • scorebench/volunteers = 12
      • referees = 8
      • Tournament Commissioner = 1
      • floor controller = 2
      • venue staff in the 3 court facility = 3 (discuss with your venue)
      • livestream = 2
      • TOTAL = 100 (no spectators)

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