Coach Registration


Creating a Safe Coaching Environment | Basketball New Zealand Coach Registration to safeguard participants

Basketball New Zealand is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for everyone that participates in our sport. Our coaches play an integral role in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment for our tamariki and rangatahi to participate in our sport.

Basketball New Zealand has implemented a National Coach Registration to assist in creating a safe environment for both participants and coaches. This would ensure the wellbeing of the participant at the centre of our thinking.

Adults interacting with children and/or vulnerable adults are in a position of trust and influence and as such, have a significant role to play in creating this safe environment. As part of Basketball New Zealand’s push for ‘best practice’ standards in the area of coaching and supervision, the national registration of coaches is a fundamental requirement.

It is a requirement for anyone coaching at Basketball New Zealand sanctioned events to be registered on our database and strongly recommended they complete 3 online modules (listed below).  It is also recommended for other coaches who have regular interaction with young people. This initiative is based on creating safer and more secure basketball environments for tamariki, rangatahi, and vulnerable adults, as well as those charged with holding a duty of care and responsibility for our participants ie BBNZ, associations, and clubs.

We strongly encourage our members to engage and utilise those coaches that are registered on the national database.

When coaches complete their registration, they agree to abide by the Basketball New Zealand Coaches Code of Conduct and Protection of Young People’s Policy. Coaches will also give permission to be police vetted in a further effort to protect vulnerable participants.

Basketball New Zealand would like to acknowledge all of our coaches, their incredible mahi and continued impact they have on our participants.

The process

Step 1: Register with BBNZ as a coach via The Huddle (Game Day) –
Coaches will be required to renew their registration annually.

Step 2: Complete the following three online learning modules via Sport Tutor.

  • Coaching Safety Net
  • Basketball New Zealand Aktive: Good Sports Foundation Modules
  • Thriving Under Fire

If you have already completed these modules, you will not be required to complete them again.