ABOUT 3X3.EXE Premier

3×3.EXE (pron. X-E) Premier is the worlds largest 3×3 league, encompassing 4 countries, 12 Conferences and 72 teams.
Established in Japan in 2014 with 7 teams, 3×3.EXE Premier has grown to include Thailand, Korea and New Zealand.  New Zealand has 2 Conferences established in 2019.  They are the North Island Conference, based in Auckland and the South Island Conference, based in Christchurch.


3×3.EXE Premier Format

Each of the New Zealand Conferences comprise 6 teams each.  Each team has a pool of 6 players, with only 4 selected by the team to play in the rounds.  There are 6 rounds held between 22 May and 1 August 2021.  Teams play in one pool of 6 teams, playing 9 round robin games in week 1 followed by 6 round robin games and 3 playoffs in week 2.  This is repeated 2 more times over the 6 weeks.

Along with receiving FIBA Ranking Points, teams also receive 3×3.EXE Premier points on the following basis:

1st place = 100 3×3.EXE Premier points
2nd place = 80 3×3.EXE Premier points
3rd place = 70 3×3.EXE Premier points
4th place = 60 3×3.EXE Premier points
5th place = 50 3×3.EXE Premier points
6th place = 45 3×3.EXE Premier points

After 6 rounds, the 2 teams with the most 3×3.EXE Premier points from each Conference will meet for a final in Auckland. The date for this final will be set soon.