BBNZ People Development Fund

Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) is committed to developing the depth and capability of our people. Building on the success of 2022’s Coach Development Fund BBNZ have opened the fund up to Coaches and Officials (Referees, Scorebench, Statistics)
The BBNZ People Development fund is available to affiliated associations to support and develop new and existing coaches and officials.

The development fund aims to encourage locally-led activity, with national support.

Basketball New Zealand recognises the need to deliver quality support and development opportunities to continue to ensure basketball has enough capable and motivated people in all development areas to support the ongoing growth of the game.
The people that surround our participants are critically important to the basketball experience and environment. An effective support system will encourage participants and support retention.
The People Development fund is designed to enable local and regional entities to deliver people development opportunities that meet their individual needs and that value and support initiatives at all levels across the basketball system.

Objectives of this fund

  • Provide local and regional support for coaches or officials and increased accessibility to ongoing development opportunities.
  • Support recruitment and mentoring of coaches or officials from priority populations (e.g. women and girls, diverse ethnic communities, people with a disability).
  • Enable local and regional entities to upskill coaches in their ability to apply inclusive coaching practices and approaches.
  • Increase the relevance and frequency of coach development opportunities being delivered to current and new coaches.
  • Increase the coaching, mentoring and support of referees in the community.
  • Improve the suitability of coach and/or officials development opportunities so more coaches and/or officials are having their development needs met.
  • Solve local problems and develop sustainable models by learning about, and then applying, co-design and locally-led approaches to community people engagement.

Examples of what could be applied for:

  • Projects that help attract, develop, or retain female referees or coaches
  • Networking opportunities that build and strengthen coach/referee networks and communities
  • Projects that help attract and develop youth coaches or referees
  • Projects that support Coach and/or Referee wellbeing
  • Projects that support first-time coaches or referees
  • Projects the identify, develop, and support local coach developers and mentors
  • Coach or Referee development activations that run in conjunction with player development programmes
  • Projects that support and develop coaches or referees developing and/or delivering basketball for people with disabilities
  • Projects that support schools and clubs with their delivery capability

How does it work?
The BBNZ People Development funding for any single project will generally be limited to $7,500 (though larger applications may be considered on a dispensation basis).

Funding applications will be considered as follows;

24 July 2023: Overview and application information published
24 August 2023: Applications close
Early September 2023: Successful applications announced

Before beginning an application, we encourage you to reach out to your local People Development Lead to discuss and work through your potential project.

All applications that complete the application process and meet the criteria will be reviewed by the Assessment Committee.

The Assessment Committee;

  • Basketball NZ People Development National Lead
  • Basketball NZ People Development Regional Team
  • Basketball NZ Participation & Well-Being Lead

Successful applications will receive a partnership and funding agreement with BBNZ and be required to provide updates and report on their activity. They must also be willing to contribute and share information with the wider Basketball community.

The project should not be business as usual – it must either be a new initiative or build upon an existing initiative.
The project must be fully scoped and costed – where external providers are to be contracted, details must be provided.
Applications for 2023/24 should include activity that falls between October 2023 to April 2024.
Application forms must be completed, and all requested documents provided.
Applications must be submitted by an affiliated association.
Successful applicants must be willing and able to complete reporting requirements, including any photo, video, and content requests.
Only one application per association will be accepted.

Before beginning an application, we encourage you to reach out to your local PDL lead to discuss and work through your potential project.

Funding may not be used for

  • Purchase of tangible assets (e.g., office equipment)
  • Hospitality functions (e.g., awards dinners, serving of alcohol)
  • Trophies and prize money
  • Representative programmes and activities
  • Wages or payments to existing staff or contractors

Click here to begin the application process. Applications close Thursday 24th August 2023, and we will be back in touch with you in early September.

To review application questions, click here. There’s nothing worse than starting an application without knowing the questions!