BBNZ Coach Development Fund (2022)


Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) is committed to developing the depth and capability of our coaches.  The BBNZ Coach Development fund is available to affiliated associations to support and develop new and existing coaches, with the fund aiming to encourage locally-led activity, with national support.



BBNZ recognises the need to deliver quality support and development opportunities to continue to ensure basketball has enough capable and motivated coaches to support the ongoing growth of the game.

Coaches are critically important to the participant experience – an effective coach will encourage participants and support retention; a poor coach experience will turn them away. Each coach has so much to deal with during a season that any thought of working on their skills and competencies is often considered just something else to squeeze into an already overcrowded schedule. Despite having such a pivotal role, the majority of our coaches have no formal training to do their jobs.

The Coach Development fund is designed to enable local and regional entities to deliver coach development opportunities that meet their individual needs and that value and support coaches at all levels across the basketball system.


Objectives of this fund 

  • Provide local and regional support for coaches and increased accessibility to ongoing development opportunities.
  • Support recruitment and mentoring of coaches from priority populations (e.g. women and girls, diverse ethnic communities, people with a disability).
  • Enable local and regional entities to upskill coaches in their ability to apply inclusive coaching practices and approaches.
  • Increase the relevance and frequency of coach development opportunities being delivered to current and new coaches.
  • Improve the suitability of coach development opportunities so more coaches are having their development needs met.
  • Use local/regional projects to inform and shape the national coach development framework and activation.
  • Solve local problems and develop sustainable models by learning about, and then applying, co-design and locally-led approaches to community coach engagement.


Examples of what could be applied for: 

  • Projects that help attract, develop, or retain female coaches.
  • Networking opportunities that build and strengthen coach networks and communities.
  • Projects that help attract and develop youth coaches.
  • Projects that support Coach wellbeing.
  • Projects that support first-time coaches.
  • Projects the identify, develop, and support local coach developers and mentors.
  • Coach development activations that run in conjunction with player development programmes.
  • Projects that support schools and clubs with their delivery capability



  • The project should not be business as usual – it must either be a new initiative or build upon an existing initiative.
  • The project must be fully scoped and costed – where external providers are to be contracted, details must be provided.
  • Applications for 2022 should include activity that falls between July 2022 to Dec 2022.
  • Application forms must be completed, and all requested documents provided.
  • Applications must be submitted by an affiliated association.
  • Successful applicants must be willing and able to complete reporting requirements, including any photo, video, and content requests.
  • Only one application per association will be accepted.


Funding may not be used for 

  • Purchase of tangible assets (e.g., office equipment).
  • Hospitality functions (e.g., awards dinners, serving of alcohol).
  • Trophies and prize money.
  • Representative programmes and activities.
  • Wages or payments to existing staff or contractors.


Successful Applicants

Association  Project title  Project outline 
South Canterbury Basketball Association  Coach Development  Aim of the project is provide coach development clinics throughout the South Canterbury Region designed to meet the needs of the targeted communities. These will be followed up with observation opportunities throughout the season.   
Kapiti Basketball Association  Beyond the Court  Providing local and regional support for coaches and increased accessibility to ongoing development opportunities through workshops, mentoring, and community of practice. Developing coaches awareness and understanding of the key skills required in addition to the sports-specific knowledge of basketball.  
Basketball Hawkes Bay  Coaching Made Easy  Introduction to Basketball Coaching courses delivered across the Hawkes Bay region with follow up observations and support. Targeted at first time coaches.  
Basketball Taranaki  Girls Got Coaching  Coach Development activation that run in conjunction with GGG player development programmes. The player development program is a vehicle to practical experience for these first-time coaches, where the focus is on their development. The practical experience component isn’t their only development, ongoing evaluation and feedback from the development officer and frequent workshops/clinics are non-delivery elements to their development. 
Franklin Basketball Association  Coach Accelerator Programme  Identify, develop & support key community coaches through a holistic approach to development. Providing coaches with workshops/clinics along with on-court sessions needed to put new skills into practice. We want to create a stronger coaching network/culture within our community that spreads throughout all levels. 
Canterbury Basketball Association   Coaches Connection Forum  A weekly event for coaches of all abilities to connect with other coaches and learn about current best practices guidelines and models.  

To encourage our community to have stronger connections, Coaches, and people looking into coaching, will have the opportunity to engage informally with others over food and drinks prior to the 60 min coaching demonstration.