3X3.EXE Premier – Round 6 Recap

All men’s teams were back in action last weekend in the 3×3.EXE Premier competition.

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Northern Men’s Competition – Round 6

The usual suspects were out to play as Swish.EXE took Pool A, beating each team reasonably comfortably to progress straight through to the Playoffs. Stingrays.EXE put up a fight, but dropped five points short, losing to Swish 16-21. It would come down to Wave.EXE taking on Stingrays to see who would progress. Wave would step up and take the game 21-14. In Pool B, Scam.EXE remained undefeated to progress straight through, beating Coasties.EXE in a close encounter 20-18. HIAP.EXE also had a close match against Scam, but couldn’t quite beat their quick offense, losing 21-18. Coasties would just make it past HIAP by four points to win 20-16 and progress into the Playoffs.

Semi-Finals time saw Swish blast past Coasties, winning 21-13 and sending them to another Grand Final. Wave struggled to put up a fight against Scam, losing 21-9 in an extremely strong performance from Scam. It would set up another Grand Final matchup between the two sides. Swish got the beat on Scam last week, and would follow that effort up again this week with a 21-16 win to further extend their first place ladder position heading into the 7th round.

  • Round 6 Winners – Swish.EXE (beat Scam.EXE 21-16 in finals)
  • Northern Men’s MVP, Round 6 – Kirk Penney
  • Round 6 Results & Team lists: CLICK HERE
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Southern Men’s Competition – Round 6

The South Island competition’s ladder has more competition in it, with teams still able to compete for the top two spots at Round 6. Gators.EXE would top Pool A after beating Wharenui.EXE 21-17 and thrashing Crossover.EXE 21-7. Crossover would look to perform better against Wharenui to determine the last spot available for the Playoffs, but fell short 16-21. Two UC teams would feature Pool B, but UC Gold.EXE couldn’t manage a win, losing 21-8 to Rams.EXE and 21-11 to UC Maroon.EXE. Rams and UC Maroon battled it out, but UC Maroon took first spot with the 21-16 win. Both teams would progress through to the Playoffs.

Gators would play a rematch of last week’s Grand Final and managed to reverse the result, winning 21-16 against Rams. This would take Gators through to their second consecutive Grand Final of the 3×3.EXE Southern competition. UC Maroon had a tough game against Wharenui, but managed to slide past by three points to make the final score 21-18 and securing a spot in the Grand Final. After missing out last week on a Grand Final spot for the first time in the competition, UC Maroon were determined to win it and help them maintain their first place spot at the top of the ladder.

UC Maroon were too strong for Gators, clearing them out 21-14 and earning a valuable 100 points on top of the ladder. This win would mark their fourth win for the competition.

  • Round 6 Winners – UC Maroon.EXE (beat Gators.EXE 21-14 in finals)
  • Southern Men’s MVP, Round 6 – Sam Riley
  • Round 6 Results & Team lists: CLICK HERE
  • Re-watch the games at: BBNZ TV