BBNZ Introduces New Social Channels for 3×3 Basketball

Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) is excited to introduce its first official social media accounts specifically for 3×3 Basketball. The new channels will cover all 3×3 content from the grassroots level and age group up to the international level with the 3×3 Tall Ferns and 3×3 Tall Blacks.

BBNZ High-Performance 3×3 Programmes Manager, Nikolay Mikhalchuk says this decision is part of his broader 3×3 strategy for New Zealand and its growing number of participants.

“3×3 Basketball is exploding in popularity both here in Aotearoa and overseas, to the point where it’s starting to dominate our traditional channels. We felt it deserved its own set of channels with dedicated 3×3 content,” says Mikhalchuk.

“Our participation in last year’s 3×3 Regional and World Cups, as well as Commonwealth Games – where 3×3 Basketball appeared for the first time – plus the domestic 2022 Schick 3×3 Cup showed us that Kiwis have a real appetite for this game, and that’s only continuing to grow further with the 2024 Paris Olympics and other international tournaments we’re part of.

“We’re also seeing more 3×3 being played domestically at age group level, and the introduction of the NZ 3×3 Pro Quest Tour has been a popular addition to our 3×3 calendar and a much-needed pathway in this space. Not only are the athletes enjoying being part of it, but it’s getting a strong following from fans – and most importantly for us, it generates vital FIBA ranking points which helps create much-needed international opportunities for our National Teams.

“So, a set of dedicated channels is the smart move for everyone involved and helps us to help grow this exciting and fast-paced sport for Kiwis.”


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