New online course for Level 1 referee trainers being piloted

A new online course for Level 1 Referee Trainers is now being piloted with referee trainers around the country. Our existing group of trainers have been asked to work through the new course, both to make sure that they are up-to-date with the current teachings and to act as testers for the new course.

The course is delivered via Sport New Zealand’s platform Sport Tutor and contains seven modules that the trainers can work through at their own pace, covering teaching and learning principles, as well as the refereeing techniques that need to be taught to referees. Later, there will also be practical workshops run by BBNZ for those who have completed the online course.

Associations have been invited to begin thinking about who in their area might be suitable as a new referee trainer and nominate them to BBNZ for consideration to be enrolled in the course. The course will not be available in the public catalogue of BBNZ courses in Sport Tutor. Candidates will need to be either nominated by associations and be accepted as suitable by BBNZ or be identified directly by BBNZ.

This new course is the second referee-related online course launched by BBNZ this year, following the launch of the new Level 1 Referee course in May.