15-year-old Bailey Flavell excited to play against country’s top talent at Schick 3×3 Cup

Playing against professionals as a 15-year-old would be a daunting task for most, but Bailey Flavell understands how valuable experience like that can be and she’s looking forward to showcasing her talent at the Schick 3×3 Cup this week.

Flavell, the youngest player that will participate in the Schick 3×3 Cup, will play for the Harbour Breeze alongside three other teenagers. It’s quite a different look to Harbour’s 2020 Schick Cup team that finished 2nd, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some intrigue for the Breeze this time around.

‘Experience’ was a key word for Flavell when discussing her mentality heading into this week.

“I just want to gain as much experience as possible playing with and against some of New Zealand’s top female players. We have a young team, so this will be a great experience for us all,” said Flavell.

“I think I will learn a lot. This level will be very physical and a lot faster, so I’m looking forward to it and am grateful for the opportunity.”

Flavell currently attends Takapuna Grammar School in Auckland and recently played at the Secondary School Nationals where she averaged 19.8 points per game – the 8th highest mark among AA Women. She also got selected for the New Zealand U15 team that heads to the FIBA Oceania Championships in November.

Flavell still has a few years of high school but is open to pursuing college opportunities in the United States when she graduates. She is also a fan of the new Tauihi league that was launched this year, another option for development before a move overseas.

“I watched a lot of Tauihi this year and am excited that there is now that pathway available for NZ girls like me.”

Gaining experience is one thing, but Bailey has someone pretty significant in her corner that knows a thing or two about playing basketball at a high level – her dad and Tall Blacks legend Judd Flavell.

“I’m lucky that my dad has spent a lot of time helping me out with all kinds of stuff which has really helped my progress,” said Flavell.

“My brother and I have a lot of sessions with dad and we have some good games on the hoop at home.”

Judd has been a big part of Bailey’s basketball journey so far and believes the opportunity at the Schick 3×3 Cup will be huge for her moving forward.

“I love that the Schick Cup provides an environment for our NZ athletes to continue working on their game, whether that’s to pursue a path through the 3×3 game or to sharpen their skill set in the 5×5 game.

“Win, lose or draw the Schick Cup is going to expose Bailey and her young team to the next level of play and is a huge opportunity to grow and develop – which for me is a huge win for them,” said Judd.

Judd is an advocate for 3×3 basketball and how it offers tremendous development for 5×5 players, with the pace of the game and need to make quick decisions a great tool for player growth.

“The game of basketball has sped up massively in recent years. It’s not only the movement of play with and without the ball but also the multiple decisions athletes need to make quickly and precisely; a necessary quality that players must develop for today’s game – I believe the 3×3 setting is the ultimate arena and learning environment for this,” he said.

Bailey Flavell isn’t just going to be a player to watch at the Schick 3×3 Cup this week but moving forward as well. Catch Bailey and the Breeze when the action tips-off on Wednesday from ILT Stadium Southland in Invercargill.

More info at schick3x3.basketball.