The 3X3.EXE Premier League final four has been determined with Dimension.EXE and Coasties.EXE claiming the top-two spots in the North Island Conference, and Gators.EXE and UC Maroon.EXE advancing from the South Island Conference.

Dimension.EXE went undefeated in Round 3 and claimed the top spot with a thrilling 21-18 win over Scam.EXE in the round final. After second place finishes in each of the first two group stage rounds, Dimension were finally able to get over the hump and cemented themselves as the top team in the North Island Conference.

Despite a fourth place finish in the round, Coasties’ success in the first two rounds helped them secure the second finals spot in the conference. They were ousted in the semi-finals by the aforementioned Round 3 victors 21-16, but with experienced players such as Ben Castle and Chris McIntosh they’re certainly a team to keep an eye on.

UC Gold.EXE bested UC Maroon.EXE in the Round 3 final down south by a score of 20-13, however it wasn’t enough for them to qualify for the final four. UC Maroon’s sustained success throughout the three group stage rounds helped them to second overall in the conference.

Gators.EXE only managed two wins in the third round and placed fifth, but like UC Maroon were able to claim a final four spot as a result of their dominance in earlier rounds.

Tall Blacks legend Kirk Penney of Dimension.EXE was named North Island Conference MVP for Round 3, while UC Gold’s Aidan Tonge claimed the MVP award in the South Island Conference.

The final four teams will convene in Auckland at the Swish Factory on September 4 with the winner being awarded the 3×3.EXE New Zealand Cup.

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