3×3 National teams looking for new Head Coaches

Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) has announced it is now accepting applications for the Head Coaching roles for both the men’s and women’s senior 3×3 National teams.

The successful applicants will be appointed to their position from 3rd January 2020 – 1st October 2022, where he/she will work with the High Performance General Manager and staff to maximise their team’s potential.

Details for the role are the following;

Term of appointment:

The term of appointment will be from 3rd January 2020 – 1st October 2022

Duties and Responsibilities

The Head Coach of the 3X3 Open Men’s/Women’s team will be responsible for:

  • The preparation, development and implementation of a program for the team in line with Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) preferred style of play.
  • Establishment and management of the objectives of the program in consultation with the BBNZ GM High Performance and BBNZ 3X3 Manager.
  • Selection of the athletes for the program in line with BBNZ’s selection policy and FIBA 3X3 player eligibility guidelines.
  • Develop and prepare competition and training schedules for the program.
  • Management of support staff involved in the program, in consultation with the BBNZ High Performance GM and BBNZ 3X3 Manager.
  • Identify appropriate sports science and performance requirements to ensure that the program continues to be the world’s best.
  • Maintain communication with other areas of the BBNZ High Performance program in particular with the High Performance department.
  • Have a sound understanding of BBNZ’s style of play.
  • Prepare and present reports on the program as required.
  • Lead the Junior National 3×3 program, by engaging with coaches and players and creating a player depth chart at each age group.
  • Representing the team with media and sponsorship requests when required.
  • Responsive to e-mails and phone calls from the National body.
  • Provide an annual report on the Men’s 3×3 program.

Communication and working relationship

In general, the head coach will be directly responsible to report team performance outcomes to the High Performance General Manager. The Head Coach will collaborate with the 3X3 Manager and other High Performance staff regarding the team’s approved program.

The Head Coach may be invited to attend 3X3 tours, tournaments and camps with the Men’s program subject to availability.  The position within BBNZ High Performance structure is one that provides a development opportunity which may attract a small honorarium.

Key performance indicators

  • Team preparation and planning for key international events
  • Apply a proactive approach to recruitment of athletes who meet the selection criteria.
  • Podium finish at the Open events.
  • Creation of a Senior National player Depth Chart.
  • Communication and monitoring with coaches and identified athletes.
  • Leadership and communication with all stakeholders in the 3X3 Open Men’s high performance program.
  • Athletes to demonstrate progression/adaptation to the demands of international basketball (competition factors, travel, food, cultural differences) over the course of the campaign.

Program Outline

  • Lead the Team Selection in consultation with the Basketball New Zealand High Performance General Manager.
  • Organise and deliver team selection camps and activities
  • Attend and Participate in other FIBA or World Tour Circuit Events: Dates to be Confirmed

*Please be advised that the delivery of this program is subject to funding as well as support from FIBA by way of resources, provision of dates in a timely manner and invitation to participate.

Expressions of interest (maximum of three pages) should be submitted by Friday 3rd January 2020 to High Performance General Manager Leonard King – leonard@nz.basketball.