Basketball New Zealand establish National Referee Committee

Basketball New Zealand aims to take its game’s officiating to new heights by setting up the National Referee Appointments and Development Committee (NRADC).

The committee was put together to assist BBNZ in providing a national framework for referee and referee trainer development including recruitment, retention, training and professional development.

They will also look to recommend annual training activities, while also being responsible for the selection of the National Leagues Referee Panel and recommending officials for FIBA appointments.

The committee is made up of experienced officials from around the country, namely: National Referee Instructor, Peter Rodgers, National Leagues Appointments Manager, Stephanie Eldred, National Leagues Referee, Marty Davison,  appointed to the committee as someone involved in the referee training at an association level, and trainers who completed the FIBA Referee Instructor Programme, Jilly Harris and Ken Coulson.

The establishment of the committee came after FIBA introduced a new referee education curriculum and published a series of training manuals in 2019. At the same time, Rodgers was appointed to the role of National Referee Instructor, a position FIBA requires all national federations to have, to act as FIBA’s contact for officiating in New Zealand, be involved in the selection process for international referees and to oversee officials training, which will be done through the NRDAC.