Returning to sport safely is essential to prevent injury and ensure you are physically fit to take the court.

Based on the Basketball New Zealand Return to Training and Competition Framework released in May, Basketball New Zealand has produced three infographics as quick and easy-to-read reminders of the Framework’s practices to minimise the risk of injuries. The aim is to help those returning to some form of exercise. These documents have already been sent to New Zealand coaches and players, .

The infographics were developed in collaboration with the best advice available including input from High Performance Sport New Zealand, The New Zealand Ministry of Health, The World Health Organisation, Sport New Zealand, ACC, AIS Framework and FIBA’s medical commission.

These documents are now available to everyone in the New Zealand Basketball community, from High Performance/Professional level to Community competitive and individual passive (non-contact) sport.

You can download the Framework and Infographic PDF’s through the BBNZ Resource library, under the ‘Players’ section, here:

Or download each PDF directly: