Today the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) launched their #FeelsGoodtoRefill campaign, with Basketball New Zealand partnering with MfE alongside WasteMINZ, Refill NZ, Wai Auckland*, Pare Kore, Sustainable Coastlines, and Z Energy.

We are all calling for one thing: use refillable water bottles instead of the plastic ones that go to the landfill!

Why? Because we need to deal with this massive problem we have created.

  • The average Kiwi household goes through 188 plastic bottles a year with a quarter ending up in a landfill.
  • 76 billion plastic containers end up in household kerbside rubbish and recycling each year. The most common of these is the single-use plastic drink bottle.

Basketball New Zealand looking at how we can work better for the environment. This is a great start! We are calling for the basketball community to help lead the way. Let’s stick to our refillable water  bottles. We have some good water here in New Zealand after all, free straight out of the tap!

Want to help? Here’s what you can do to help influence the way:

  1. Say cheese! Post a photo of yourself on social media with a reusable water bottle (making sure there’s no plastic bottles in the background of course!)
  2. Explain why you care. Write a caption, explaining why you choose to use a refillable water bottle.
  3. Use the campaign hashtag. #FeelsGoodToRefill and #BasketballNZ
  4. Get tagging. Tag the MfE and @BasketballNZ so both can share it with more people and amplify your message. MfE’s handles are:
    • Instagram – @nzenvironment
    • Facebook -@ministryfortheenvironment
    • Twitter -@mfe_news
  1. Encourage more businesses and your councils to sign up new refill stations and support Refill NZ’s mission to make it easier for the public to refill their water bottles. Offering them a quiet word or a cheeky note with the idea would help. They can become or create refill stations by either putting in more drinking fountains OR by supporting the work of Refill NZ. You can learn more about their work here:

Join MfE, us and other friends, and join the Refillution!

More info: Ministry for the Environment’s media release.