Kiwis Abroad in the U.S

It’s fantastic to see the increasing numbers of young New Zealanders signing U.S College Basketball Scholarships. These scholarships are giving young basketballers an opportunity to gain life experience travelling and living abroad, while also getting a free education and the chance to become better basketballers.

These stories are wonderful for the game in New Zealand. Stories of young players signing a scholarship is widely received and appreciated by the media, the basketball community, and other young players who have ambitions to sign to a U.S. College.

We would like to help spread the good news as widely as possible and would appreciate your help. Should you have aspiration to play scholarship basketball, please keep Basketball New Zealand in mind as a way to get some positive basketball news. Should you agree to a scholarship, we ask that you let BBNZ’s GM Communications, James Craw know by emailing him on with a completed copy of the Basketball Scholarship Media Release Form (click here). We will be keen to use this information to prepare a national media release about you and your story.


How will we use this information?

Once we receive the completed form, Joe may be in touch to get some more information. Either way, we will always check that you are happy with the draft release, give you a chance to correct anything or add anything, and we will ensure we get your permission before we send the final draft to media.

This is also an opportunity for you to publicly acknowledge those associations and people that you have helped you get to this point – parents, coaches etc. These are feel-good stories that encourage people into the game and help promote the game. We appreciate your willingness to be involved in the creation of these stories.