Molloy and Cameron Begin Search For Tall Blacks and Tall Ferns Assistant Coaches

Sky Sport Tall Ferns Coach Guy Molloy and Tall Blacks Coach Pero Cameron are on the search for their Assistant Coaches ahead of the 2024 Olympics.

Basketball New Zealand has asked both to cement their core staff for their respective programmes through to the conclusion of the next Olympic cycle, which is Paris in three years.

Both coaches have faced the trials of leading their teams through global competitions that have been derailed during the pandemic. They will be looking forward to recalibrating as the world shows signs of returning to some form of unrestricted travel.

Tall Ferns Head Coach Guy Molloy says he’s looking to build a staff that will bring continuity and consistency back to the national side after a difficult two years.

“The potential for the Tall Ferns is considerable, but for that to be realised we need to contract a staff who will drive the team and commit to what can be a demanding programme.

“The great thing about being three years out from the Olympics is it gives us the opportunity to reconsider the future and what we want to achieve. We get to rebuild. Getting the coaching unit locked in beforehand is the first major step,” says Molloy.

Previous Assistant Tall Ferns Coaches, Jody Cameron and Aik Ho are off contract.

“We’ve spoken with Jody and Aik of course, who have honoured their previous contracts as assistants with incredible determination and commitment. We have asked them to apply.”

Pero Cameron’s previous assistants are also off contract due to the finishing Olympic cycle. He is looking at what needs to be done in the next few years and says he’s considering what new personalities and talent will be stepping into the fold in the near future – both players and coaches. It’s unlikely he’ll have access to the likes of Ross McMains in the immediate future as McMains continues to thrive in the US. McMains was of course Assistant alongside Cameron and Mike Fitchett under Paul Henare’s watch.

“Naturally there are guys who have been committed to the group in past years who I immediately think could step straight back into the programme. This is the beginning of a new cycle and I understand with the changing circumstances in today’s global sporting events that it’s important we start with an open mind and a solution-solving approach. It’s important we get interviews going and our unit started the right way,” says Cameron.

The roles have been advertised on the Basketball New Zealand vacancies page here, and close on Friday 19 November 2021.

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