Nuzest helping fuel Tall Blacks for World Cup

Basketball New Zealand is excited to announce Nuzest signing on as the official nutrition partner for the Tall Blacks in 2019.

The partnership comes on the eve of their FIBA World Cup campaign in China between August and September.

Nuzest New Zealand Chief Executive Michael Lavender said he was happy to get behind the team ahead of a major competitive tournament.

“Basketball is close to our hearts here at Nuzest and supporting our Kiwi Men’s National Team is a dream come true for our basketball-loving team.

“It is such a fantastic sport for Kiwis of all ages and partnering with the Tall Blacks allows us to help support the wider basketball community.”

The plant-based supplement producers will help fuel the Tall Blacks around training and games, with their products only using the best quality and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Lavender also said that being an official nutrition partner offers a unique opportunity to support the team in more ways the one.

“Getting the right nutrition is always important when we are travelling and even more so when playing in an intense sporting competition.

“Good Green Stuff and Clean Lean Protein help everybody with energy, recovery and repair, as well as with the maintenance of a strong immune system often depleted by an active lifestyle.

“In terms of overall performance; recovery, strength and conditioning will be critical to the team’s performance at the highest level and we are excited to be able to help support the Tall Blacks in any way that we can.”

Nuzest is used and trusted by many of New Zealand’s top athletes and offers everyone an easy way to cover their nutritional bases.