NZ Pro 3×3 Quest Showcases Kiwi 3×3 Talent

The NZ Pro 3×3 Quest, held in Auckland this past weekend for Rounds 17 and 18, bore witness to a series of captivating highlights and fiercely contested 3×3 basketball encounters.

Most notably it was Nikau McCullough – an accomplished 3×3 Tall Blacks guard who plays for the Otago Nuggets – who re-emerged on the NZ Pro Quest tour stage. Nikau played a pivotal role in guiding Team Tipau to championship victories on both days, earning MVP by adeptly demonstrating his robust leadership, high-level 3×3 basketball IQ, and shooting consistency as a key contributor.

Noteworthy also was the strong performance of Team Manaia, comprising of accomplished 3×3 players Denhym Brooke and Daniel Powell from Auckland. Battling their way to the runner-up position, the team exhibited noteworthy 3×3 proficiencies that reflected their dedication and prowess in the discipline. Another standout was the performance of Tyrone McLennan, a guard representing Manaia, who astounded spectators with his awe-inspiring dunks and feel for the game.

Auckland’s 3×3 competitions have been elevated by the mix of experienced 3×3 players and young talents on the rise, all appearing in these NZ Pro Quest events. Players like Aaron Sievert – known for his sharpshooting abilities – and Tautoko Wynyard, a strong presence under the basket, have highlighted the rapidly evolving nature of Auckland’s 3×3 scene.

This in turn bodes well for the future of 3×3 in New Zealand, providing a strong base for both the 3×3 Tall Blacks and 3×3 Tall Ferns programmes.

It is also worth noting that these rounds were a big step as the first NZ PRO Quest Stops of the season to be integrated with FIBA’s official systems. The use of FIBA PRO 3×3 software and close monitoring by the BBNZ High Performance team helped to ensure that all points scored were accurately recorded at a high level.

This attention to detail matches the standards of overseas FIBA Challenger events, creating an atmosphere of professionalism and FIBA 3×3 authenticity.

Next up for the NZ Pro 3×3 Quest is the National Final, held at Eventfinda Stadium in Auckland on Sunday 3 September. Entry to this fast-paced 3×3 event is free.