2019 WBC Champions: Auckland Dream

Tier 1 Grand Final

Auckland Dream (89) defeated Harbour Breeze (86)

Tier 1 All-Star Five

  • Penina Davidson (Harbour Breeze)
  • Natalie Taylor (Auckland Dream)
  • Krystal Leger-Walker (Waikato Wizards)
  • Kalani Purcell (Auckland Dream)
  • Marita Davydova (Canterbury Wildcats)

Tier 2 Grand Final

North Canterbury Spirit (74) defeated Harbour Zephyr (61)

Tier 2 All-Star Five

  • Arielle Parai (Capital Swish)
  • Aroha Haumaha (Rotorua Lady Geysers)
  • Leah Mafua (Wellington)
  • Letava Whippy (Capital Swish)
  • Esra McGoldrick (North Canterbury Spirit)

Season Awards

  • Most Valuable Player: Kalani Purcell (Auckland Dream)
  • Most Valuable Player (Division 2): Letava Whippy (Capital Swish)
  • Junior Player of the Year: Charlisse Leger-Walker (Waikato Wizards)
  • Coach of the Year: Aik Ho (Auckland Dream)
  • 2019 Special Contribution to the Women's Game: Mike Lacey
Full results and placings here.