Scam.EXE and Wharenui.EXE have claimed maximum ranking points with their first place finishes in Round 2 of the 3×3.EXE Premier League this weekend.

Scam.EXE managed to overcome a very resilient Dimension.EXE squad in the Round 2 final, winning 21-18. Scam.EXE didn’t feature in the first round of the 3×3.EXE Premier League and as a result have some catching up to do, but their first place finish here will set them up nicely heading into the final round.

Dimension.EXE collected another second place finish and are now in the driver’s seat when it comes to the North Island Conference. They managed to best Round 1 winners Coasties.EXE in the semi-final 21-19, who are another team in the mix for a Grand Final spot.

In the South Island Conference, it was Wharenui.EXE with an upset win over Gators.EXE in the final. They’ve put themselves in the conversation with the big victory thanks to some hot shooting for much of the night.

Despite being bested in the final, Gators.EXE’s second place finish will still give them a handy lead in the conference. They’re on track for a trip to the Grand Final if they sustain their success in the third round, but the second spot is anyone’s for the taking so expect nothing short of fireworks next week.

The South Island Conference will resume play on July 11, while the North Island Conference will have to wait an extra week before diving back into the action with play resuming on July 17.

Teams now enter the final group stage round, marking their last chance at ranking points and a shot at the Grand Final round in Auckland on September 4. The top two teams in each conference will advance to the big dance.

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