Women’s Teams Announced Ahead of Schick 3×3 Cup

The 16 women’s teams have been confirmed ahead of the Schick 3×3 Cup in Invercargill next month, with a range of Tall Ferns and Tauihi stars featured on the rosters.

The Schick 3×3 Cup will run from Wednesday 12 to Saturday 15 October, with 32 teams (16 men’s and 16 women’s) engaging in non-stop action over four days at ILT Stadium Southland. Tickets are now on sale at bbnz.link/tickets, with all 176 games also being broadcast live on Sky Sport.

Of the 64 women that will suit up, 27 were on a Tauihi roster in 2022 and 16 have national team experience. All five Tauihi franchises will enter a team into the Schick 3×3 Cup, along with various associations around Aotearoa; Tavake Pasifika have also entered a team.

Tall Ferns 3×3 standout Ella Fotu will suit up for the Mainland Pouākai alongside Tessa Boagni, Jacinta Beckley and Rosalia Samia, and is expecting to make a run at Schick 3×3 Cup glory with such a talented squad.

“I am very excited to play with those girls! They are all very tough. Each bringing so much skill and experience and of course, all are a good vibe.

“I think we just work to our strengths of each player and share it around – it’ll be a good time,” said Fotu.

Fotu was a member of the Harbour Breeze team that fell in the 2020 Schick 3×3 Cup Grand Final against the Auckland Dream. She is one of the more prominent 3×3 players in the country and will be one to watch closely once the action tips off.

“I really enjoyed the 2020 competition – it was something new to most players,” she said.

“There were no expectations just players going out and having fun and it was a great atmosphere. It was so good to make the grand final, especially with the teammates I was playing with.

“It was a tough competition last time and I think it will be again as more people have experienced playing 3×3 in comparison to 2020 and so maybe a better understanding,” said Fotu.

American Dominique McBryde came over to Aotearoa earlier this year to play for the Whai in the inaugural Tauihi season. She’s since decided to stay on and play for the Whai in Invercargill, too, making her one of the only “import” players that we’ll see take the court.

“I’ve stayed in New Zealand because I feel as though I have unfinished business. I was so excited to be able to have the opportunity to come to this country and play in the Tauihi league, so it was gut wrenching to have missed the majority of the season.

“The Schick Cup not only gives me the opportunity to play 3×3, but to continue to experience life here in NZ and play basketball on this side of the world which I want to continue to pursue,” said McBryde.

The Schick 3×3 Cup will be McBryde’s first taste of 3×3 basketball and she’s excited to be involved.

“I’ve not had a chance to play 3×3 basketball before so I was excited to be presented the opportunity to play for the Whai,” said McBryde.

“I believe that my skillset is well suited for the up-tempo style of play that 3×3 offers, and I will have the opportunity to showcase more of those skills that I was unable to do much of during the Tauihi season.”

Preparations began a while back for McBryde and her team, especially considering the majority of them played together on the Whai during the Tauihi season. The 25-year-old is confident that the Whai can make some noise and compete for the crown.

“I’m fortunate to be able to play with some of my fellow Whai teammates and we’re picking up right where we left off. It’s great to already be familiar with their play, and each of them are capable of bringing unique elements for our squad to make a successful run in the tournament. We’re training hard and training to win,” said McBryde.

The full Schick 3×3 Cup schedule will be released on Friday.


Schick 3×3 Cup 2022 – Women’s Teams

Harbour Breeze – Mackenzie Chatfield, Izzy Pugh, Rebecca Moors, Zoe Richardson

Auckland Dream – Sharne Robati, Esra McGoldrick, Summer-Jean Motufoua, Darci Finnigan

Otago Gold Rush – Olivia O’Neill, Hannah Beede, Nicole Gleason, Makayla Daysh

Southern Hoiho – Caitlin O’Connell, Tyler Mitchell, Jennifer O’Connell, Samara Gallaher

Northland Phoenix – Teuila Faalogo, Vitolia Tuilave, Allyah Leusogi-Ape, Chelseah Savage

Tokomanawa Queens – Aria Cowley, Josie Trousdell, Tylah Hooper, Lakota Beatty

Nelson Sparks – Maia Jones, Tessa Morrison, Tsubasa Nisbet, Riva Walker-Pitman

Southland Storm – Lucy Brown, Maddison Tinnock, Te Huinga Selby Rickit, TBC

Taranaki Thunder – Terai Elia, Teghan Ngatai, Arna Bright, Eva Langton

Waikato Wizards – Alyssa Hirawani, Stirling Walker-Pitman, Hailey Moala, Maia Watling

Whai – Dominique McBryde, Missy Nuku, Rangikahiwa Cooney

Northern Kāhu – Chevannah Paalvast, Casyn Buchman, Azure Anderson, Yume Negishi

Mainland Pouākai – Tessa Boagni, Ella Fotu, Rosalia Samia, Jacinta Beckley

West Coast Rapids – Ella Mahuika, Kate Herman, Millie Knight, Ashlyn Rean

Wellington – Holly Morgan, Naomi Sopoaga, TBC, TBC

Tavake Pasifika – Coola Baudry, Elianna Tuiaiti, Riana Rangi-Brown, Idaho Purcell