Considerations if hosting basketball events at Alert Level 2

Basketball New Zealand has been in discussions with some Associations and schools that are considering running regional basketball events for schools and age-groups, which can be more contained and potentially held at short notice if the Alert Levels decrease.

We are supportive of these events if they are held in line with the intentions of the Government’s Alert Level Guidelines and where strong health and safety precautions to combat the spread of COVID-19 are applied.

If operating at Alert Level 2 (currently in force everywhere except Auckland which is under additional restrictions at Alert Level 2.5), basketball providers should proceed with caution and remember:

  • Hosts should not operate events with gatherings of over 100 people. The Government limit on total gatherings at Alert Level 2 is 100 (outside of Auckland). This requirement is to decrease the chance of spread. There is some confusion about how this rule should be applied. Basketball New Zealand is clear in our view, as is School Sport NZ and Sport NZ: The 100-person limit applies to the whole event. For example, it is not ok to operate an event over two venues with separate gatherings, then cross teams over later in the event for final rounds thereby creating new sets of 100 to do so. This would be an attempt to ‘work around’ the COVID-19 restrictions, it is risky and unsafe, and not in keeping with the intentions of the Government’s guidelines.


  • The Government Alert Level requirements are clear that if anyone is travelling to an event or meeting, they are expected to carry their home Alert Level with them. For example, Auckland is currently operating under Alert Level 2.5 which has a ten-person gathering limit, so anyone from Auckland should only attend maximum gatherings of ten no matter where the gathering is held. There is the possibility that Auckland may continue at Alert Level 2 while the rest of New Zealand drops to Alert Level 1. This means any teams form Auckland would need to play within the limit that applies to Auckland, even if the event is held outside Auckland.


  • Ensure you are meeting the contract tracing and hygiene requirements, as outlined on the Government’s COVID-19 website.